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Meet Curt, creator of the channel CurtRichy.

Before we started working together, he was only on 80 subscribers. Now, he has over 185 thousand subscribers and over 7 million views.

  • "I definitely can attribute Beor's assistance and insights to my growth as a creator. He's real, honest, and has a good eye for what actually works, and I genuinely respect his insights."

Meet Pete, his channel Lingualizer is now on 667k subscribers and over 109 million views.

  • "Beor was the one to always give me on-point feedback whenever I needed it. Without his ideas and input some of my videos and playlists wouldn't even exist, let alone gone viral."


Meet Jon, creator of Young Yong Tales.

Starting from 0 subscribers, now he's a full-time YouTuber with 342 000 subscribers with over 21 million views.

Meet Jonathan, creator of Pink Buddha

From 935 subscribers to over 2000 subscribers and a top view count of 50k. Jonathan took full advantage of mentorship, working every week to ideate, refine, and get a better grasp of his channel direction. 

  • "Not only does Beor consistently deliver insights/suggestions to grow my channel, what impacted me the most was his genuine interest in seeing me succeed. It was his encouragement that helped me expand the reach of my channel and get a video up and over 50k views."


Meet Jacob, creator of jjaybeardedbarber

From 370 subscribers and 51k top view count to 8.97k subscribers and 660k top view count.

Meet Scott, creator of neuralisGG

More than doubled his subscriber count from 3.41k to 7.46k! (With a top video view count of 28k).


Meet Alan, the creator of Dicodec

From 1180 subscribers and 8k top view count to over 8700 subscribers and a 128k top view count.

  • "Beor helped us so much on our YouTube journey, and a lot can be said for what he has done to help us and continues to do. He has helped us with our focus, structure, and overall ability to help us think bigger beyond our limitations. We had a channel sitting at 1300 subs, in June, and three months later we are sitting 13000 subs and counting. The great thing is he is still there to help every step of the way."

Meet Grant, creator of Cometa Music

1.9k subscribers and 73k top view count.

  • "Working with Beor has saved me years of trial and error coming up with a YouTube channel direction and content ideas. His work ethic is inspiring and he’s helped me double my subscribers in a short time."


Meet Mike, creator of MikeWillTravel

From complete beginner to 6.04k subscribers with a top video view count of 362k!

  • "Beor… where do I even start! Beor works tirelessly and goes above and beyond to ensure his student’s success. He is an incredibly genuine and knowledgeable individual, and he helped give me a clear path forward with step by step instructions to start and launch my own YouTube channel a few months ago. It has resulted in one of my first ever videos going viral with 250,000 views just two months into launching. I couldn’t recommend Beor enough. He is a true YouTube expert!”

Meet Sean, creator of Lift Stories

From 29 subscribers and 436 top view count to 276 subscribers and 10k top view count. 


Meet Josh, creator of tworuru

From 260 subscribers to 1.44k subscribers and a 20k top video view count. With the resources provided he was able to promote his content through several Reddit groups which got his video up to 20,000 views currently which are his most viewed video to date. 

Meet Tyler, creator of Kyuubikaze

"To this day, Beor was single-handedly the best positive influence on my YouTube channel."


Meet Andy, creator of Andychangftw

192 subscribers and 4,720 views.

  • "These words cannot possibly do Beor justice for all of the help he has provided to get me and my channel to where we are today. Beor has been there for my successes and failures, and he has inspired me to think big. Thank you Beor for all you have done and will continue to do!”

Meet Vicky, creator of Vivid Vision

57.4K subscribers and 3 million views.

  • "Beor has provided such insightful feedback and recommendations for my Youtube channel! He's down to earth, great at communication and response time, and very personable! He's a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with!"


Meet Cindy, creator of Spark Of Edge

289 subscribers and 22 thousand views.

  • "Beor connects the missing dots between complex ideas and is full of smart exercises, useful storytelling and practical advice."

Meet Kimmy, creator of Working Tulip

23 subscribers and 243 views.

  • "Having Beor’s expertise as a personal go-to, as well as, his straight forward teachings on the fine details that truly matter, is the very reason I now have the foundation I was missing."

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