5 Most Common Youtube Myths


“Youtuber” isn’t a Real Job

False: The world has changed. Technology and social media have disrupted everything we know about media, marketing, and entertainment. Along with it, new careers have been created where they didn’t exist before - social media managers, community managers, SEO specialists, Youtubers.
People who fail to realize that the world is changing are the same people who are being left behind.


Even if you make money, it won't be much

False: Some of my most successful students earn anywhere from $2000-6000 a month on AdSense alone! That’s not even including other sources of revenue that you can generate like brand deals or merchandise.
In fact, I know a YouTuber with only 20,000 subscribers who generated close to 6 figures in just 4 months!


There’s too much competition, you’ll never make it.

False: While it’s true that there are a lot of creators, there is a common misconception that you are “competing” for viewers when in fact that's just not the case. Youtube is a shared market where the audience isn’t limited to just one option, but rather they are able to watch multiple creators in the same field who are even creating the same type of content.
In my 1 on 1 coaching, I will personally teach you how to stand out so that you can get your share of that pie too!


You need fancy equipment and editing skills to be successful

False: Sean is another one of my students who struggled to get even 100 views for a video. After a few tweaks to his channel direction his views spiked instantly by over 900%. His equipment? Just his mobile phone.


You need a lot of time to get started

False: All it takes is an hour or two a day, that is more than enough to get started. And if you’re doing something you love and do often, the only difference you have to make is pressing that little record button!